Research Aim 3

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Identifying Feedbacks, Understanding Cumulative Impacts, and Recognising Limits

While various national analyses have been undertaken to address different climate-related and resource management issues (e.g., biodiversity, infrastructure, soils, water resources, primary production, forestry, land-use change, ecosystem services, population), New Zealand lacks a comprehensive  systems analysis that considers their interactions and feedbacks. This raises challenges to understanding impacts across a range of scales, especially cumulative impacts. As a result, we often only learn of environmental limits after they have been crossed. This research will  undertake a first-ever comprehensive national multi-scale systems analysis across New Zealand to understand the interplay among climate, land, water, soils, ecosystems, ecosystem services,  economics, land-use/land-cover change, and population. It will improve knowledge of feedbacks  and trade-offs among different resources and facilitate study of cumulative impacts and  identification of environmental limits and how they vary under different climate change pathways.

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