Shared Policy Assumptions (SPAs)


Shared Policy Assumptions are pathways that describe NZ responses to climate change.  There is the possibility that they may be at odds with global trends.  SPAs contain descriptions of changes in population, human development, economy, lifestyle, policies, technology, and environment.

SPAs provide a range of plausible responses.

Four SPANZ have been developed:

NZ Adaptation incremental & focused on short term gains NZ focused on long-term strategic transitions to highly transformative adaptive state
NZ mitigation lags global initiatives A D
Mitigation: lagging relative to global efforts Mitigation: lagging global which is too little, too late for energy security, health & efficiency gains
Adaption: incremental and reactive on piecemeal basis Adaptation: strategy to maximise economic opportunity
NZ mitigation complies with global initiatives B E
Mitigation: complies with very stringent global efforts
Adaptation: reactive, incremental approach with focus on economic gains
NZ mitigation leads global policy implementation C F
Mitigation: ahead of increasingly stringent global efforts
Adaptation: maximise both economic opportunities and sustainability across three pillars

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