Research Aims

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Anthropogenic climate change poses critical challenges for New Zealand.  Robust, up-to-date climate projections are needed to improve understanding of potential impacts and implications of climate change on New Zealand’s environment, economy and society.

The CCII programme will undertake targeted research on climatic conditions, impacts and implications for New Zealand up to 2100, throught the following five inter-related Research Aims (RAs):

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Project Plan

The following figure provides a detailed plan over the programme’s 4-year lifespan. This plan highlights the interconnectedness of the five RAs and shows how stakeholders are integral throughout the programme.

Rutlidge Project Plan 2013-03-13

RA 1 is central and generates information, knowledge and data that flows throughout the project. RAs 2 & 3 serve several roles. They are formal research exercises in modelling pressures, critical steps, cumulative impacts, and limits. They also serve as learning environments for both researchers and stakeholders via interactions with Communities of Practice in RAs 4 & 5. RA 2 principally interacts with the three outcome-oriented communities in RA 4. RA 3 principally interacts with the Futures Literacy Group in RA 5. However, the extensive knowledge networks employed throughout the project maximise the likelihood for information and knowledge transfer and learning, which culminates in the synthesis in RA 5 (top right) and the final community co-production of knowledge in RA 4 (bottom right).

For a graphic overview of the Research Aims, click here.

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